Smart Trax Earns a
Positive Messages Through Music
U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration
Across form the Pentagon

Curriculum International




Live Footage

& California

DARE International Convention at


Smart Trax Live
In Washington 10/19/10

Cover of the Hoboken Progress

Super Bowl
Smart Trax Artists wins the lead role in a
Doritos TV Commercial contest

USA National Anthem
for Millions to see on Live TV

Be G.R.E.A.T!
United States Dept. of
Justice & Marshals



Carnegie Hall

IMPACT World Premiere


Feature in the NYC/NJ Area-5/10

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Song

Multi-Platinum Producers and more
meet Smart Trax Star


"Ripped Jeans" Premiere

WNY Obserser News
Cover Story

July 2009


Statue of Liberty Song/Music Video

LIVE for NJ 12 News
In Front of The Statue of Liberty


The Story of the "Making" of

Smart Trax Live
is invited to perform at the
international convention for
D.A.R.E. in Disney World
on July 20 & 21, 2009.

Smart Trax artists will meet with the
United States Guard on 7/6/09 in Washington

Smart Trax Live will be at the
national Adult Leaders Conference
for the Young Marines 5/5/10

US Marshal's Office
Jersey City Board Of Education
G.R.E.A.T. program
Jersey City
Jersey City Middle School 7
(World Premiere of "Natural Habitat' for SPCA)

Video Testimonials Here

Mayor Healy of Jersey City
Jersey City/Statue Of Liberty Song=HIT!

DARE America-New Jersey Convention

The Young Marines
award Musial a Gold Medal
for Smart Trax Creative Content

Welcome To Smart Trax

20 Outstanding Music Videos
for is Done
(6/13/11 thanks to East Co Pro Multimedia Solutions)

Please Contact me

Smart Trax Max is DONE!
30Amazing Songs & Inspiring Music Videos
30 Singers, 22 Lead Artists
A Double DVD Package, more here very soon!


NEW Music Tech and Artists Search School formed by
Prof. David Musial & Pamela Ross


Brady on


Brady on
Kiss 98.5 FM

Part A ••• Part B

"Brady Cudmore"
our newest Artists
from Canada.

Brady now has 13
producers, over 30 songs
5 music videos, lots of cool press, performed in Disney at the
and for the
United States
Dept. Of Justice
near the
Statue of Liberty!


"Londell Wilson"

Artist # 33
born in Jersey City


Christina Kapushi
from New Jersey
3x Winner at the
World Famous Apollo, she performed in

"Abby Rivera"

Artist #34

From Jersey City &
The Bronx




Smart Trax Live members, Joy Medina, KAYO, Delino Johnson & Manny Medina
perform at the National Adult Leaders Conference for the
"Young Marines" in Reno, Nevada, May 2006

Full Story Here


David Musial
named Director of the
Music & Technology Department at
Stevens Institute Of Technology

Executive Producer of
Castle Point™ Records

Smart Trax Max A
Smart Trax Max B


1 We, Are, Drug, Free!
2  Take A Stand (Emmy Winner)
3  Brave New American Heroes
4 He Took A Gun
5  March
6  Skate Dance™
7  I'm Different
8 Everything's A Blur
9 Don't Go Away
10  A Pack Of Lies
11 Reed Wright
12  Hey, Ya Dropped Something
13  U B U
14  Streets Keep Callin'
15 Spread Peace All Over The World

Bonus Tracks...

I Have A Real Dream


16 Humanity
17 I’LL Be Here
18 Video King
19 Reality Check
20 Fans On Strike
21 Skate The Olympics
22 In Line Boy
23 Food Sense
24 Life’s A Rush
25 Go With The Flo
26 Dreams
27 Let’s Just Hang!
28 You Never Know
29 Trick or Treat
30 I’m Gonna Make it

Bonus Tracks...

Did You Say Cheeze? & Exclusive Testimonial footage!


Buddy Burgess 2006


LaShawn Small
First Place Award Winner
"Live At The Apollo"

and Brigitte Valentin

Join the Smart Trax Team
(Spread Peace,You Never Know & Food Sense)


2005 State Award Winner Signs
to Smart Trax

Kevin "Kayo" Orsino
won the Song of the Year in 2005
A Partnership For A Drug Free NJ

The song is titled "March"
and it will be on Smart Trax I, which is
expected to be distributed world-wide in the Fall

Ashley Avis, the final artist for the Smart Trax Volume 1 venture, has completed her recordings and video shoots!  We welcome Ashly to our team and expect that she will continue to be successful as the project evolves.

Ashly is a song writer, singer, pianist, actress, dancer and model. She recently earned the unique title 'Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" and also appeared on the soap opera "Guiding Light". Currently she is working on a Paramount Pictures production of "Miami Vice" The Movie!

In May 2005, she recorded another original song and is near her solo album completion.


In 2004, the song
We, Are, Drug, Free!
Featuring MJ Medina
won the Song of the Year for
A Partnership For A Drug Free NJ
A Partnership For A Drug Free America

 David Musial & Steve Clark (a multi-platinum record producer from Europe), recently produced a special pop song for Ashley titled "Winner"!  You may find downloads available at in the near future.

 Ashley finished recording her parts for the song "Spread Peace'" on 12/31/04
in the NYC area.  In the summer of 2004, she recorded a song for Skate Dance
II called "Let's Get Wild, and Blade for a while."  Ashley also appeared on some FOX TV shows this past summer.  She hopes to attend college next year in Manhattan.  Ashley is managed by the Lions Group Agency in NYC.  Ashley's personal site is simply


Project development.

Manny Medina gets a perfect 10 on MTV!

KAYO tours New Jersey
with his #1 Hit.. "March"

KAYO performed for DARE America
in May 2006!

Joy Medina earns a


Stevens Institute of Technology

Smart Trax is very close to completion.  Musial has finished the videos for the songs "Spread Peace", "Humanity", "Reed Wright" , "Hey, Ya Dropped Something", "Food Sense", "March", 'I'm Different", "Don't Go Away"and "Life's A Rush", "Fans on Strike", 'Streets Keep Callin" and is almost done with "The Video King", "Dreams", "Skate The Olympics" "Let's Just Hang". We are hoping for a September 2006 National Release!

Megi Caushi has enjoyed some radio success in Chicago by singing live on one of the hottest stations in the city!  Go Megi!!!

The Medinas enjoyed a live music video TV show in New York City in the summer of 2005 and their "Go With The Flo" album hit the play lists for 20 radio stations this year!

The Medina's performed for the Air Force Cadets in December and as of 12/15/04, the "Go With The Flo" song, from their second album is on 20 radio stations across the US!  Go MJ Medina

Joy Medina wins best actress in Hudson County for 2005 and now enters the state competition!

Billy Atwell, a co-producer of "Everything's A Blur' and also guitarist on "Life's A Rush" as well as in "Don't Go Away", was recently featured on the cover of the "Hudson Current" newspaper which serves the art community for all of Hudson County, across the river from Manhattan. Congrads to Billy.  Check out his site


associated with

(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
have invited Smart Trax performers to be part of thier events commencing on April 6th,
in Chicago.
Clear Channel Communications (KISS FM) and
Miss Teen America
may be involved with some of the events!

MJ Medina took
1st Place
at a
sponsored event for
A Partnership for a
Drug Free America
for the Smart Trax song...
We, Are, Drug, Free!
Febriary, 2004

The fianl Smart Trax Artists,
Megi & Chris,
have completed recording their songs
for the amazingh album.
The project is in
final mix and video edit mode!

Television Network
Praises MJ Medina's work
with Smart Trax!

Musial give a Masters class at
New York University
and spoke about Smart Trax!

Musial & Manny Medina were guest speakers at at Master's Class at
Rutgers University
(Same Topic)

MJ Medina are featured in the
"River View Observer"
for their Smart Trax success
(Distributed on the "goald coast" from the
Statue of Liberty to the
George Washington Bridge)

Go MJ!!!

Manny is accepted to
Five Towns College
in Long Island, near Manhatan,
for the prestigious
Musical Theatre Program

Gallery of Events
(most Smart Trax related!)

MJ Medina perform for a fund raising event
at the New Jersey Armory in Jersey City
on 10/16/04
for the largest number of
US Military from Hudson county
scheduled to leave for Iraq.
The mayor was present and MJ have been invited
to perform for the US Airforce Civil Air Patrol!

See Photos

Daniel Drabik,
Dynamic author of an exciting book about the making of Skate Dance & Smart Trax,
receives a scholarship
for writing to
The New School University in NYC
& a scholarship to Canisius College in Buffalo,
he also was accepted to

FORDHAM University in NYC.
Daniel accepted the school in Buffalo.


 Smart Trax at
for Children who lost loved ones on 9/11
August, 2003
(An incredible story by 16 year old author, Daniel Drabik!)

MJ Medina sang
at the open of the
at Newport by the Holland Tunnel at the 9/11 Memorial

Chelsy Bishop is featured
in her home town newspaper
for her work with
Smart Trax & Skate Dance!
Go Chelsy!

Buddy Burgess is interviewed
on TV for his work with
Smart Trax & Skate Dance!
Go Buddy!
MJ Medina make a song for "Reality Check"
the program sponsored by the New York City
Board Of Health! Go MJ!!!
did some shows with B2K!
Chris Hatcher did modeling work for
Abercrombie, DOLCE&GABBANA
A Partnership For A Drug Free America!

A note from Fran Mazza's journal...

I never thought much could happen in my hometown, because not much had ever happened there. Sure there's been fights in the tiny school of Frankfort, but none like the one that seems to stick in everyone's mind. Im not sure if it stays in our minds because the fight was larger than life itself, or if we can't forget it because the only person who was really hurt was from Frankfort. He wasn't just from Frankfort he was one of my best friends, whom I grew up with, and I love him dearly. I got a phone call at 2:00am the morning it happened. I was trying to get some sleep because I had a recording session the day after. My friend told me that Marc had gotten brutally beaten, hit on the head with a hammer, was in a coma, and was airlifted to Albany Medical Center. The fight included about 15 kids from Frankfort and over 100 from the other town. People who were there said there were people just jumping out of cars and over fences. They were everywhere. At first the thought of Marc being in the hospital didn't bother me as much because I figured he'd only have a few broken bones, but when I heard there was a chance he could die, it felt like my life had changed. I had lost a friend before whom I wasn't real close to at the time, but I was still devastated and it took a year to stop crying. If I was to lose Marc, I wouldn't have any idea what I would do. School, that week, wasn't easy. There were many rumors going around and a lot of people wanted revenge. I know I did! But retaliation wasn't the right thing, besides that's how Marc got hurt in the first place. Everyone showed their support in different ways. Making posters and raising money was keeping everyone busy. The school had a large poster put up in the hall that everyone signed to make sure Marc and his family knew they were in our prayers. Marc is a strong kid who is very athletic. To see him lying in a hospital bed without waking up wasn't easy. When I went to see him I had a feeling Marc knew I was there, because everytime I would talk to him his heart would start racing. Marc and I have been close ever since 2nd grade. He's always been a huge part of my life, but with this tragic event, I have come to realize how much he means to me, and how much damage violence can do. It seemed like the crying was everlasting. Have you ever just stared at something, and you think you've only stared at it for a second when actually you've been staring at it for 10 minutes? Well that's how I felt after each time I had cried. I felt like I was the only one in the room, or I was invisible, even when the room was crowded. I was taken out of school one morning because I couldnt stop crying. Normally, I would have been embaressed to cry in school, but this time I didn't care what anyone thought. The doctors said that Marc would live, but many people told me that, no matter what, he would never be the same, which also means that I would never be the same. I would always be angry at the fact that this had happened and forgiving people would always be a lot harder. It's going to be a very long haul for Marc, but nothing will ever keep me away from him. It will take a while to learn Marc's views and opinions again, but it will take the rest of my life to forget them.

Francesca Mazza, Smart Trax Artist


Summer 2003

Medina are featured at the 2003 annual
New Jersey Puerto Rican Parade in Newark!

Smart Trax Live in Newport
8/17/03 see below!

Watch For One World Artists at the Newport Waterfront
(Across from KTU 103.5 FM and the USA TV Network
& Lower Manhattan)


September 11
Newport Town Square

7 PM

The Medina's will perform

"Brave New American Heroes"
"Take A Stand: Stop The Violence" &
Spread Peace All Over The World

They may be joined by other Smart Trax Artists.


August 23
Newport Town Square

2-5 PM

MJ Medina CD Release
(Some Smart Trax artists will also be featured in solos.)

Get High Res Press PHOTOS HERE


August 19 & 20, 2003
Camp Haze
Catskills, NY


August 17
Newport Town Square

2-5 PM
Jersey City, NJ

9 One World Artists from across the nation will perform all of the 15 songs
on the upcoming Smart Trax CD.

Get High Res Press PHOTOS HERE


August 2
Newport Town Square

2-5 PM



June 21
Rutgers University

June 12
7:00 PM
D.A.R.E. Graduation
Little Falls, NJ

May 28 & 29
Manny Medina shoots a show with MTV
Hamptons Beach House


June 12, 2003

Smart Trax Concert

Little Falls, New Jersey

D.A.R.E. Graduation

Requested to return 3 years in a row based on the quality of our Smar Trax message...   Just wait until you here the reviews from people at this show and we sold lot's of CD's with our Smart Trax message!.

This was the world premiere of "Hey, Ya Dropped Somethin" featuring Lil Ben...

April 9, 2003   and   May 17, 2003 

Seton Hall - Teenage drug free event featuring Medina & Bryan Hearne

"Music Video" in the making for Smart Trax, First performance for Bryan Hearne with Medina 4/9 at Seton Hall Newark for Project Educate. Blade, Dauwg in production, watch for a hot track very soon....

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