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From: 6/5/09 Jersey City "G.R.E.A.T" show (Brainychick)
Brady you rock!!!!
You came to my school today and I think your performance was amazing!
I really wanted a poster but didn't get one I think you are awsome. In you I see great potential and
when I grow up I want to be just like you.
You rock my world.
I hope you do become a star and acheive your dream!


To: <>
Subject: i luv u guys!!
oh my god!!!!! hi manny hi joy!!!!!! i luv u guys soooo much. i watch ur show go with
the flow lik everyday (wen ur on) and manny, u r sooooooooo cute!!!! r u single or wat?
Joy,i think ur really cool.Oh my god,u 2 hav 2 get more photos cuz i the onli photos i got
of u 2 in my room were the ones i printed out from the website! oh my god 4real i luv u
guys N i wana noe eveythin about the both of u!alrite i ran outta things 2 say. alrite i love
u 2!!!!!! manny-damn u cute!! Lolzz

To: <>
Subject: yo
<PRE>yo hey imma stephanie from da bx! n i jus have 2 say u guys have the best
show on channel 39!!! n manny and joy u guys r mad cute!!!!! ex u manny! u
guys r the # 1 vj's. keep doin what u doin!1

To: <>
hey manny how u been, u know that i wathced ur show every night because u
look so cute every time i see u u remind me of my boyfriend, but i also
watch u guys because i like the show and because u always put the videos
that i want to watch, i like the video that u guys have i think is called i
got a crush on u, manny u look so good in that video i always like watching
the video. well i was just writing to let u know that i like the show a lot
and that im a big fan of u!!!!!
bye take care. besos muahhhhhh.............

To: <>
Subject: heyyy
Hey Joy
I'm writing this e-mail on behalf of "the older kids" who watch your
show. I think its great and all. Both of you seem incredibly talented. I
love that song, Crush on You. I'm wondering if you can play that song more
often, like playing it when you dont have any requests at 7:00pm. That would
be great. Anyway i just want to tell you that you are doing a great job,
however sometimes you pick on your bro a little too much. This always
happens when you both have nothing to say. I find it funny but others may
think of you as some wannabe hardcore, tough girl. Don't be like that. I'm
telling you from experience you dont get anything out of being tough. lol.
Also, there are many times you don't look into the camera as often like your
bro does. It seems like everytime someone calls you, you look at yourself on
the television screen above. I'm just telling you so that people won't get
the wrong idea of you and think your conceited or egotistic. an yhow enough
criticism from one of ur big fans. just keep doing what your doing. best of
luck...please please reply back so i know you read this!!!!

To: <>
Subject: I Love Your Show!!
Hi Joy, This is Michelle from the Boogie Down Bronx......
I wanted to tell you your show is great and my little cousins enjoy it very much. I just
wanted to say keep up the good work. Your brother is very cute and your very pretty. I
wish both of u much luck for the future. I have not called your show before but I will so. I
want u to give a shout out to my school IS/123 in the Bronx. I also want you to give a
shout out to My friends Anna, Samantha, Cassandra, My cousin Melissa, My Best
friend Karla she's also my Cousin and every body else who goes to IS.123 even the
haters. I wanted to say im Puerto Rican/ Black. I wanted to give u a shout out to you and
Manny. So hope I get to call u soon I think you are great examples for the young viewers
out there watching your show. I will keep watching your show.
Thank you for reading this letter....
Ps: My last name is also ( Medina)
Holla Back 1

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