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Singer Brady Cudmore is thrilled with the chance to reach out to young people through public speaking at Island school and his new soon-to-be-released CD

Brady at Central Queens School Brady with Debut CD
Brady Cudmore visits his old elementary school to give a motivational talk last week. "Brady was extremely positive in his message of reaching for your dreams. He told the students that it takes hard work and determination, but they can get there. I thought he did a great job. He even took time to answer all their questions," says Tara Deglan-Gallant, vice principle, Central Queens Elementary School.

For Brady Cudmore, the past year has been one big adventure.
He has traded in the rural landscape of Hampshire, P.E.I., and early-morning fishing trips with his father, Timmy, for the urban landscape of New York City where he’s following his dream of becoming a pop star.

With a brand new self-titled CD about to be released in the United States and an upcoming tour in the offing with Smart Trax (a music program with a positive lifestyle message for youth where he will sing in middle schools and roller rinks all across the U.S.) the 18-year-old returned to P.E.I. in February to wait while his U.S. work permit application was processed.
Now that his has happened, he’s planning to head back to New York City on Sunday, April 26, to start work.

“I’m feeling very positive about my future. I’m working hard and having fun. I try to think of everything I’m doing as a big playground,” says the Bluefield High School graduate.
While waiting, he’s performing an occasional gig and speaking at various schools across P.E.I.

“My message is if you’re determined to do something that you love, the outcome is going to be positive, whether it’s in a way that some people see as different, it’s going to be an optimistic

venture,” says Cudmore, who will give motivational talks at Westisle Composite High School on April 21 and Souris Regional High School on April 22. Cudmore will also talk about his work with Hopeline — a national suicide prevention hotline. “I lost a friend to suicide two years ago. It left me feeling empty, and thinking, ‘what could I have done?’ I became inspired to write a song about it, called Today is the Day. “It’s on my album and will be featured on Hopeline’s compilation CD, with groups like Journey and REM, which will be released in June. “They also want me to get involved with their upcoming tour,” he says.

But, mainly Cudmore has a heart-felt desire to share his story with others.
“I just want to inspire people,” says Cudmore, who broke protocol two years ago when he a spontaneous audition for music producer David Musial, during a school trip to New York City, and was accepted right on the spot. His unconventional method worked. The New York producer was so impressed with what he heard that he came to P.E.I. to record Cudmore a few months later on his One World Artists label. He’s still impressed.
“Brady has a great voice and a great future,” said Musial during a phone interview last week. And so are his friends, who are important players in the music industry in the U.S.

“It all started when they heard Brady Cudmore’s song — Dream It — which describes his adventure of coming to New York City and longing to become a pop star,” said Musial. “It seemed to hit a universal chord with them. All of a sudden they remembered their own dreams and wanted to do something for him.” A total of 12 music producers believed in Cudmore’s dream of becoming a pop star and volunteered to write and produce songs for him.

These, along with some of Cudmore’s original compositions are on the new album, which will be available on Itunes in three weeks. One of those volunteer writers was Frank Serafine, well-known for his sound effects work with Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Addams Family. He was in attendance at the AES convention two years ago and witnessed Cudmore’s spontaneous audition. “Brady has a great voice. And he wasn’t afraid. I saw and heard his talent and said to David Musial ‘You’ve got to work with this kid,’ ” says Serafine, during a telephone interview last week from his office in Hollywood. Cudmore can’t believe his good fortune. “Things seem to be falling into place for me.”

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