An aspiring pop star from P.E.I.
‘humbled by whole experience’
Brady Cudmore performs in front of large, appreciate crowd at New Jersey school
The Guardian

Guest artist Brady Cudmore signs autographs Wednesday after his performance at Martin Luther King School in
Passaic, N.J. He and Londell Wilson were guest artists at the event. They performed for over 400 students at the
middle school as part of the Music 101 program, put on by Castle Point Records. Cudmore is from P.E.I.
(Submitted photo to The Guardian)

Good things continue to happen for P.E.I.’s Brady Cudmore, who is in New York following his dream of becoming a pop star. On Wednesday, he performed for over 400 students at Martin Luther King School in Passaic, N.J.

This past weekend, the Bluefield High School graduate premiered his newest song Turn It Up, co-composed by Dan Smith of Atlantic Records during a 30-minute show in Jersey City. The director of North American Suicide Prevention Center Kirsten Brooks (1-800-SUICIDE) selected Cudmore and his music video for Today Is The Day, to represent Canada on their next album and concert tour.

On Oct. 20, he heads for Hollywood to give a show at the Los Angeles Film School that will double as a showcase for Hollywood Records (Disney). Then he flies to Sacramento, and drives with the Young Marines to Red Bluff to perform shows for 1,100 students. “So many things seem to be happening at the same time. I’m honestly humbled by the whole experience. All of these opportunities are blessings,” Cudmore says, in a recent interview. Then he flies to Washington to give a show at the Pentagon on Oct. 23 at the Hall of Heroes for the United States Secretary of Defence as three girls from Red Bluff, Calif., receive a U.S. Red Ribbon Award for their substance reduction educational project titled Impact.  Cudmore will sing the song he co-wrote with David Musial titled Impact..
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