The song he wrote a week ago "Ripped Jeans" speaks about "Escalades and Limousines"...
this is the Cudmore "camp" coming out of his limo...
Entertainment Attorney Eliot Loshak, singer/songwriter Julie Fadl, actress Candice Fisher, Sam Music,
Andrew Flores, Brady, Jr. Vice President Castle Point Records Noriel Valdez,
President Castle Point Records Pat Cunnings, Sr. Vice President Castle Point Records Cliff Hults.

Brady signing autographs after just 2 songs!

World Premiere... "RIPPED JEANS" by Brady Cudmore, 2/5/10

Dr. Charles Epps, Superintendent of Jersey City Schools & Brady Cudmore
with Cliff Hults and Noriel valdez of Castle Point Records from Stevens Institute of Technology

Brady Cudmore backstage with Mary Beth Maloney, producer of the event

Linda and Joe Genua at Minuteman Press, Brady's official poster & postcard printers! Thank You!

ummm, World Premiere of "Ripped Jeans"

Brady Cudmore with Caslte Point Records executives
Noriel Valdez, Pat Cunnings & Cliff Hults

NYC based Actress Candice Fisher with Brady Cudmore

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