Canadian Singer "Brady Cudmore"
is New Jersey's Newest Music Sensation

By Evelyn Bonilla

Prince Edward Island (PEI) in Canada is too many unknown, but to Brady Cudmore it’s a place called home. Cudmore was a high school senior when he left PEI, Canada, in search of a college that would allow him to explore his music career. His goal was to make it big in New York City.

But now looking back, Cudmore remembers that fateful day while attending the AES-Audio Engineering Music and Technology convention in New York with some friends that he came upon music producer David Musial. In an impromptu audition Cudmore sang for Musial and so impressed was Musial that he returned with Cudmore to PEI to record.

Since that fateful day, Musial now Cudmore’s manager has seen the young artist grow into an amazing performer.
Musial explains, “Brady's a very talented artist. He has an amazing ability to improvise. He can perform on the spot, and that makes for a great performer."
Born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, Cudmore loved music as a very young child. He credits his father for his musical inspiration. The senior Cudmore is an established guitarist in his own right and would spend quality time playing music together with the young Cudmore. He explains, "I was always into the instrumental part of music but Brady always had an amazing gift of singing."

Amazing and talented this young artist is moving through the music business in record speed. Guided by the gifted Dave Musial the dual team has become unstoppable.

In the fall of 2007, Cudmore joined Smart Trax Media, Skate Dance Records and World Art Records under the umbrella of the One World Artist Group. On to April of 2008, Cudmore sings his song, "Dream it" (a song he wrote) in a music video shot in the heart of New York City. Soon many songs would follow, songs like "Were Making It, I Want it Again (a Bill Lewis song, engineered and co-produce by Musial and Rob Harari), Lets Stick Together (Carlos Almomar), and, Today is the Day" just to name a few. The latter will be on the next album for HopeLine.com (1-800-SUICIDE) based in Washington. Musial is producing it and the superstar group “Journey” will also be on the same album scheduled for a May 7, 2009 release.


He has also collaborated with several amazing singers under the One World Artist label and has just currently performed with the amazing N'Kenge, a very talented singer who will soon be headlining a show at Carnegie Hall. Cudmore has recorded about 24 songs so far with over 10 producers in one year.

Word of Cudmore's amazing talent has quickly spread and he has become sought after by many songwriters, producers and writers. Asked how he feels about all that has transpired, Cudmore replies," It's amazing!" "I feel very lucky to have the chance to put my messages into my music. I love music! All my musical dreams are coming true."

Now as the end of 2008 rolls around Brady Cudmore is wrapping up his first album which is self- titled, "Brady Cudmore." He is also currently working with five gifted students from the Stevens Institute of Technology to form the first ever, "Brady Cudmore Band."
Life had really created a wonderful path for this dynamic singer and songwriter. As he looks on to the future he wishes to thank his mother for believing in him, his father for his musical inspiration and his music producer Dave Musial for his guidance in helping him fulfill his dreams.
Time has no limit and there are still so many things to come for this young talented artist, and you can be sure that all of New Jersey, New York and PEI-Prince Edward Island will be front and center to witness the rise of this remarkable young star.
If you're interested in learning more about Brady Cudmore sign on to his website at www.bradycudmore.com. Also take a look at Cudmore's record labels under the umbrella of One World Artist's Group at www.oneworldartists.com.

"Amazing and talented this young artist is moving through the music business in record speed. Guided by the gifted Dave Musial the dual team has become unstoppable."

Photo by David Musial at Harariville Studios