Thursday, 15 March 2012 19:07

Written by Joseph Bogovic

Honestly Abe the Off Broadway Musical
is Worth Your Time and 35 Dollars

As you sit in an empty quiet theatre, in this case the Actor’s Temple Theatre (339W 47St), when the silence is broken by the show, you the audience expect to be dazzled, emotionally lifted, your heart warmed by the performances, the story and music that is coming at you. Honestly Abe came at me and fulfilled my body and soul with the aforementioned elements. The cast of ten young men and women (La Muse Venale Acting Troupe), all talented, The story of Honestly Abe was written by Robert L. Hecker on the early life of US President Abraham Lincoln. Honestly Abe uncovers young Abe as a farm boy
growing up on a small family farm in Indiana. Young Abe Lincoln is portrayed as a prankster who loves to read and daydreams about the world beyond his farms horizon.  The story is greatly about those individuals who dare to be different and thus face the hardships of the presiding paradigm: A reality that threads through all of human history. The play works for several reasons: You like and indentify with the evolution of the character Abe, played by the very talented Jeff Kline. The music and songs are melodic, reflective, engaging and easy to listen to. The musical play transports the viewer to the

BRADY Cudmore and Lily Drexler

1800’s.bring the 1800’s set American heartland story to life in a believable and heartfelt way. The play is directed and produced by M. Stefan Strozier, a well known playwright who resides in NYC. Also our very own stage actor Andelko Makar (Angelo Mar) was an Associate Producer of this play. Andelko stared in several off-Broadway plays including Montizuma and La Revolucion both written by M. Stefan Strozier. Andelko was born in Dugo Selo, Croatia, and has been on the acting scene in America for over ten years.

BRADY Cudmore on the far right

The show is running Thursdays (2Pm), Fridays (10Am, 2PM) and Sundays (11 Am). For tickets go to

or call 212 – 239 – 6200.

Also see w. Honestly Abe is filled with innocence we love to protect and treasure.

BRADY Cudmore behind Jeff Kline as "Abraham Lincoln" in front center