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BRADY™ Cudmore is a dynamic songwriter/singer/entertainer/actor who also plays the acoustic guitar, piano and drums. Brady has a wonderful team of over 10 record and music video producers/writers all helping him to realize his dream of becoming a pop performer for the next generation. The Buffalo News calls Brady a "Teen Sensation", The Jersey Journal honored him with the title "Guitar Hero" (he wrote & performed a song about animal rights), the Hudson Reporter used the title "Local Pop Sensation".  Brady works very hard at his craft but what is most important is his humble and vivacious personality.

Brady was born and raised in a farm community in Prince Edward Island, Canada, near "Charlottetown".  His home is surrounded by potato fields. He came to NYC in a small van with 5 other students for a senior H.S. trip and met Prof. David Musial (and several students from Stevens Institute of Technology) at the Audio Engineering Convention (AES). The other students went to visit the Statue of Liberty.  Brady was determined to find a "record producer" and get a recording contract.  He did. Now Brady has many, he was signed to One World Artists Management, Productions and Publishing as well as to Smart Trax™ live Show, Inc and Smart Trax® Media, LLC, all based in the NYC/Jersey. His producer team include Steve Clark who is multi-platinum in Europe, Frank Serafine in Hollywood who was the sound designer for Addams Family, Baywatch, Tron, Star Trek I, II, III and many more,  (who "ordered" Musial to sign Brady when he heard him sing at AES, Bill Lewis in Florida, Martin Barrett in Toronto, Kevin Bertotti & Rob Harari in Hoboken, several in NYC and even Carlos Alomar who wrote the song "Fame" with John Lennon for David Bowie as well as songs with Mick Jagger and many other amazing pop icons. 

Brady released his second album "Ripped Jeans" the summer of 2010 before he had about 10,000 people in concert in the Western New York/Niagara Falls area. Cudmore has several music videos, lots of video "blogs" and has done shows all over North America including three in Disney for D.A.R.E. International and one in the "Hall of Heroes" in the PENTAGON!  The Jersey City Board of Education often calls on Brady to lend his musical talents in shows for 500 to a 1,000 students at a time. Brady has been featured on a variety of TV shows including ABC TV and also on pop radio stations. Turner Broadcasting in Hollywood recently asked to use a clip of Brady "Live" at the Pentagon. You can see his appearances under the "video" button at  Brady sand the national anthem for over 5,000 people across from Madison Square Garden live on National TV in the Spring of 2010 and also at the National Convention for the United States Drug Enforcement Agency in October 2010 across from the Pentagon!

The "Music Producer" international software company based in Miami, endorses Brady as their "Teen Ambassador" as does the "Kirstin Brooks "" North American charity for suicide prevention (1-800-SUICIDE). They use Brady's compassionate ballad "Today Is The Day" to help raise funds for their counselors.  (The music video for this song of hope was shot in Jersey City and Hoboken.) Brady is now working with Bob Luke, an acting manager who is the founder of 'South of Broadway" in NYC.  He has assisted the careers of TV personalities like Bill Cosby, Whoopie Goldberg, Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and many more. Brady had his NYC acting debut in the Spring of 2010 for a soon to be released video series produced by Kevin Berttoti for a major NYC publishing firm.  Brady hopes expand his acting career, maybe in sitcoms and motion pictures.

Brady just performed at the National Headquarters for the United States Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration 25th "Red Ribbon Rally" convention, across from the Pentagon on 10/19/10. In November 2010 he was selected out of 585 amazing actors, to be the "Cool Ranch Dude" in a Doritos contest TV Commercial in NYC for the Super Bowl. Visit for detains.

Prepared by David Musial, Manager