Brady Cudmore
gives his premiere live
FREE performance in
New York City at the
"Alibi Lounge"
in the heart of
Greenwich Village.
Brady has only been playing
guitar for five weeks.
He just got this
"left handed guitar"
the day before.
May 13, 2009
Bob Dylan performed here
when it was called the
"Gaslight Café"
Dylan premiered
"Masters of War"
and many other songs here...

Post Show Interview Video Here

Danilo Ignatio, host of, who also trainned superstars like Mariah Carey & Boys II Men, as well as L L Cool Jay
and many others how to perform their songs on stage and in music videos.
He trained Brady stage moves for "Let's Stick Together"

Photos © 2009 David Musial/One World Artists, LLC

Photo © 2009 Carl Paler
Carl has the honor of photographing Pierre Cardin, Andy Warhole, Ski Mahazine Covers, etc
Photo © 2009 Carl Paler