All company income from any digital download (iTunes/CDbaby.com/Amazon, etc) in 2013 (commencing 12/18/2012), shall be donated to the Sandy Hook, CT School Music Program by 4/15/2014. David A. Musial, CEO, Smart Trax Media, LLC (It may take a week or so to be on iTunes.)

This song is on a 20-music video DVD titled "Smart Trax". If you wish, you may also be interested in the other 19 positive message songs. All company income and all royalties from this song portion of the DVD, PLUS 50% of the company income of this DVD for the other songs, shall be donated to this school district. (Regular cost is $20, samples may be viewed at SmartSchoolFunds.com)

If you wish to purchase a copy of the Smart Trax DVD, the special price for this charity is $10 plus $4.95 S&H. $5 will be donated to the cause stated above.

Send a check or Money order to "Smart Trax DVD for Sandy Hook", 45-3503 River Drive South, Jersey City, NJ 07310


This song and music video was composed and produced by Professor David Musial, who for over 10 years at the time (2001) was motivated to make a statement for the youth of America. Members of the Smart Trax Media team recorded the song and made the music video near the Statue of Liberty. Smart Trax Songs have been approved by Scholastic, DARE International, A Partnership For A Drug Free America, The United Way, The Young Marines, The U.S. Marhall's, the New York State Parent Teachers Association, the Jersey City Board Of Education and many, many more. Smart Trax shows have been given in countless schools, Roller Rinks, Street Fairs, Sports Arenas for crows of up to 16,000 teens, in City Halls, on U.S.Aircraft Carriers, on national radio, in Disney and even in the "Hall of Heroes" in the Pentagon.

"Take A Stand" earned an Emmy Award for MTV and was promoted by the United States Department of Education.

Prof. Musial earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the United States Department of Justice in the National Headquarters of the Drug Enforcement Agency in Washington in October 2012, at the 25th Anniversary of the "Red Ribbon Rally" for creating "POSITIVE MESSAGES THROUGH MUSIC"!

More details and over 40 music videos are available at GetSmartSongs.com
Info about Musial is available at DavidMusial.com