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Pentagon Video (starts at 5:10)

Concept Created and Produced by Prof. David A. Musial... Full story below photos

Pop Star "On-The Rise" BRADY CUDMORE with awad winning Prof. David Musial
moments after the World-Wide Premiere of the song "IMPACT"
composed by Musial & Cudmore inspired by the Young Marines

Prof. Musial with Inspector General Joe Bles, the visionary of the Young Marines who conceived this concept!

James "BEADY" Cudmore, with military youth in the Hall Of Heroes in the PENTAGON,
just moments after he performed his intense HIT... IMPACT,
for a wide array of highly awarded government officials

Brady Cudmore, HERO, at the United States PENTAGON "Hall Of Heroes"
mentoring children via MUSIC & ART for NORTH AMERICA

More at... BradyCudmore.com and GetSmartSongs.com

In the presence of Prof. David Musial and James Brady Cudmore,
Sgt. Major Annie Bennett, SSgt. Carlin Bowles and Sgt. Debbie Ortiz
receive the Prestigious Fulcrum Shield Award for their project titled "IMPACT!
Brady then performed the Theme Song we created... "IMPACT"!

(Photo Courtesy PENTAGON TV... NOT for sale or uses without written permission of the United States Milatary)

A group of enthusiastic new "BRADY" fans waited for him outside the Performing Arts Center at the Red Bluff High School two days before the Pentagon Show, where Brady gave the world premiere of the song "IMPACT". Two of the three girls who created the "IMPACT' campaign for the Young Marines attend this school. See the video here.

All photos below by Pentagon Photographer

Juan Tricoche

Col. Michael Kessler-National Executive Director, Brady Cudmore, Joe Bles-Inspector General, Prof. David Musial

The Audience in the Hall Of Heroes

Annie Bennet, Winner of the Fulcrum Shiled Award 2009, Signing the song "IMPACT"

Peggy Sapp, President, National Family Partnership, Red Ribbon


Feature Story

Pentagon Video (starts at 5:10)
Young Marines
Adult Leaders Conference 2006

Memories by David Musial...

In early September 2009, VISIONARY Inspector Joe Bless of the Young marines phoned me. He shared the excitement about the dynamic unit in Red Bluff, Northern California, The won the very prestigious "FULCRUM SHIELD" award presented by the United States Department of Defense in the "Hall Of Heroes" in the PENTAGON! David Webb, a mutual friend of Artie Regan & I, made this introduction, and the outcome is amazing!

The Young Marines called on me to create a theme song again that would summaries this new concept. I accepted the challenge..


On September 10th, 2009 I called the parents of the three teens who created the project and we conducted a conference call with Sgt. Major Annie Bennett, SSgt. Carlin Bowles and Sgt. Debbie Ortiz. They shared the concept and then I asked them what kind of MUSIC they liked. (This gives me a reference as a composer/producer.) They responded "Big Green Tractor" a current #1 Country Music Hit. GULP! I never heard of it. I immediately purchased it on iTunes and Brady Cudmore & I listened. Brady asked if they liked "Miley Cyrus". Unanimously they responded "YES"! Brady suggested the song "Fly On The Wall" and this was a group agreement... our song "Impact" should be in this style!

I went to YouTube, watched the video for this song and proceeded to create a music "track" in this "genre" at my SkyRoom Studio facility, in Jersey City, across from the World Trade Center. This is MUSIC PSYCHOLOGY, (I learned this when I had the amazing opportunity to study at the Julliard School of Music in NYC, for my first masters degree program.)

On 9/11/09 on a #1 NYC Subway train from Christopher Street to Battery Park, on our way for the annual "New York Will Never Forget" Walk-A-Thon sponsored by the "Helping Hands Foundation", Brady & I composed the lyrics for the song on my iPhone!






On 9/12/09, a short while later, Brady sang the chorus I composed and then improvised the melody (very stylisticallyas I directed) at my SkyRoom studio. We emailed the demo of the song to the Young Marines in Washington. The National Executive Director of the Young Marines, my friend Mike Kessler, questioned: I can't understand all of the words? VICTORY!  Music Psychology at it's finest moment!  The children will gravitate to the overall sound.  The message is awesome. Victory!

The song was played for agents of the Young Marines and agents in the Pentagon. It was approved!  Musial proceeded to invite a team of brilliant singers to join Brady.  Manny & Joy Medina and Kevin "KAYO" Orsino (who performed at the Young marines National Adult Leaders Conference in Reno, NV in 2006, accepted! They were joined by the amazing beautiful voice of Christina Kay (who won first place 3 times already at the Apollo) and by the R&B flavor of the incredible Londell Wilson. Together, they all created he "response vocals" and some of the dynamic and powerful adlibs. The Smart Trax team made this song a hit! (We will see these amazing performers in the music video to come.)

Last week David & Brady launched a tour all over America on a final mission to the Pentagon: NYC, Hoboken, Jersey City, Newark, Miami, Hollywood (Florida), Ft. Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Charlotte, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Hollywood (California), Pasadena, Sacramento, Red Bluff (experienced an Earth Quake Tremor!), Philadelphia, Baltimore and finally Washington D.C.! Kool.


We gave the world premiere of the song at a High School in Red Bluff, California where the Young Marines Unit is based.


The Dailey News in this city published this article. (I added the jumping photo because this happened as we tried to leave the school!)

My luggage got lost which had all of my formal wear!  I am to represent this award winning company at the Pentagon in Jeans , a grey pollo shirt and white sneakers… I don't think so!  My dear friend Reese Butler, the CEO of HopeLine.com (1-800-SUICIDE), who was scheduled to attend this event wih us, found me a back up "suit" and "boom box"!  Fortunately during the middle of the night US Air found my luggage and delivered it to my hotel. 



Now about this hotel… an inexpensive "Days Inn" in Arlington near our Pentagon, no AC, uncomfortable beds, plastic runners and ripped carpeting.  It served it’s purpose.… then there were lots of police cars surrounding the place and police helicopters circling the premise with search lights! There were seeking criminals. They put us on a ground floor.  I refused this room, and demanded for Brady's safety, that we be moved to an upper floor.  They responded and moved us.

We arrived at the Pentagon and met Robert Wohler, a national sales director for ABC TV/NYC and Reese Butler.  Within moments were joined by the entire Young Marines team including a congressman from Northern California. At the end of the presentation, Brady and I were introduced and Brady delivered a powerful performance that immediately inspired all of the people in the Hall of Heroes to clap to the beat.  Their claps were so enthusiastic and loud that I needed to raise the floor monitor by hand, and place it next to his ears so he would not loose the beat! 

The response was outrageous! Brady got lots of compliments, once again his singing and stage presence "Rocked the House".... the kind of professional entertainment that major labels dream of, and Smart Trax delivers all the time! Brady and Smart Trax have now been invited of February 12, 2010 to the capital of California to perform at their huge event and Mr. Eric Akers of the National Drug Enforcement Agency suggested that Smart Trax is involved in the 25th anniversary event in Washington in March, 2010! 

PEGGY SAPP, the President of the National Family Partnership who founded the Red Ribbon campaign, was enthusiastic about the Smart Trax mission as well.

After the event, Brady wondered into the Pentagon store and purchased a Pentagon "Hoodie" which he wore on the planes back to Canada, via Montreal and Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, to be with his parents for a well-deserved vacation! His mom Faye, was in tears!

Goodness to all.


©2009 David A Musial