Live, Inc... a (501) (c) (3) Not-for-profit
at the 2009 DARE Convention at Disney World

Delino Johnson (Las Vegas), Kevin "KAYO" Orsino, (Toms River/Atlantic City, NJ),
Joy & Manny Medina, (Hoboken, NJ), Christina Kay (Nutley, NJ),
Brady Cudmore (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada)

Prof. David Musial, Founder, President & CEO, Executive Producer, Video Director & Show Producer

"Daren" with the Smart Trax® Live Team

Charlie Parsons, President and CEO of DARE America, addresses the awards banquet.
All of the Smart Trax Live performers have been given an award by DARE International!

The Smart Trax Live Team with executives from U.S. Citizenship and Homeland Security.
Michael Hecht experienced all three of our 2 hour shows!

Ms. Carol Soliman, Office Manager & Executive Assistant to President/CEO and Executive Director/COO
with the Smart Trax® Live Team

"Take A Stand: STOP The Violence!"

"Dream It" by Brady Cudmore

Brady Cudmore at the Closing Banquet just before "We, Are, Drug, Free!" was performed!
Christina Kay & Brady Cudmore featured repeatedly at the Closing Banquet!

WORLD PREMIERE of the "Let's Stick Together" Music Video
directed by Kevin Bertotti of

Shooting the "Live" video for "We, Are, Drug, Free!" for the closing ceremony!

"We, Are, Drug, Free!"

The Smart Trax® Live Team at the DARE International Convention, Disney, 2009
©2009 David Musial