A "Close Up" photo of some of the manychildren joining in the "Skate Dance" song
with MJ Medina and all of the performers. Fun!!!

was only for one night, it did not shed, and that it would not cause a problem. Of course when the girls went into the room they discovered that the dog had chewed up the phone book and began gnawing on one of the table legs! Luckily the manager did not actually go into the room at that time, but it would have been interesting to see what would have happened if he did! But after everyone had began to move on from this, Danilo went intohis room and dialed the girls room. He then put a towl over the phone to muffle the voice and he pretended to be the manager of the hotel threatening to kick everyone out because of the dog! Luis had one camera filming Danilo and then David had the other filming the everyone else in the room! Finally, one of the dancers got on the phone and within seconds he realized who was on the line and ran over to Danilo’s room and a few seconds later he came running out with Danilo not far behind him! It was funny to see people’s reactions after they were terrified and came to find out it was just a joke!After all of that we loaded up into the vans again and drove around town, Monticello, New York to be exact, and every place we tried was closed. We forgot that we were not in New York City anymore and that it would be hard to find some place open late. But thankfully we did find a late night diner! The funny thing was that everyone thought that we were done performing until the next day, but as soon as we were in there Manny and Joy were singing for the waitresses! When were done eating, our waitress came over and had a final request, asking that since all of the birthdays of the employees are in July and August could they sing “Happy Birthday” or another song for everyone. Manny and Joy happily obliged and they sang their new song “Back To My Roots,” which everyone appeared to enjoy!

We left the diner on such an incredible note that as soon as we arrived back at the hotel I was out when my head hit the pillow. Then, I jolted awake realizing that I forgot to tell David that earlier that night, at the camp, I had spoken with Janice Hazelcorn, who codirects Camp Haze along with her husband Chuck, and that we had decided that 8:30 the next morning would be a great time to talk about Camp Haze and Manny and Joy’s involvement with it. I decided that it would be better to tell David now than an hour before we actually needed to leave. At seven thirty the next morning, I received my wake up call and before I knew it, it was eight o’clock and I had less than a half our to get
presentation of “Skate Dance” and this time Manny, Joy, and Danilo invited everyone on stage to do the Skate Dance with them! After the song ended and the counselors were calling the kids over into a circle for a camp song, on her way over, this little girl just came up to everyone and gave us all hugs. That was just one of the most touching thing anyone could ask for. Just to know that we had reached at least that little girl was one of the most immobilizing feelings I have ever experienced.When the counselors finally had all the kids regrouped, they invited us to be part of their camp sing-along. They handed us the lyrics and we sang along with them, “Camp Haze, Camp Haze, We all love Camp Haze.” Thus, ending
our first night at Camp Haze.Later that night, when we arrived back at our hotel, Luis, Manny and Joy’s father, handed me the room keys for the boys and the girls had their keys already, or so we thought. It

turns out that one group of girls left their room key inside the room and it just happened to be the room where one performer’s dog was!When the manager came to unlock the door, he opened it and out comes this dog barking at everyone. And what was the most comical part was how David had to explain that it
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