The "" team at Camp August 20, 2003

Starring Manny & Joy Medina "MJ" Mindy Paddock, Ariel Valle, Deserae
& the amazing Smart Trax™ Dancers
(12 to 18, & a 24 year old).



This is an excerpt from the
upcoming novel
by 16 year old author,
Daniel Drabik
(Camp Haze 2002 Articles)

“Camp Haze, Camp Haze, we all love Camp Haze,” were the last words the children sang as they prepared to head back towards their bunks to get ready for the following day. Hey, wait a minute! What were the kids singing about to begin with? Let’s back up as far as last year around this time. Manny and Joy Medina, otherwise known as MJ (to the campers) went, for the first time, to a week long summer camp in the mountains in upstate New York. This camp was set up in memory of a man named Scott Hazelcorn, who died in the September 11th Tragedy. It was his dream to one day own a camp where kids could come together and learn from each other without any sort of economical or social barriers. In his memory, his parents have, for the past two years, established a week long camping session for

children who lost loved ones, as they had, in the World Trade Center Disaster. It all started when David Musial, MJ’s manager, received an e-mail from Janice Hazelcorn requesting that Manny and Joy come back to perform this year. She was so pleased with their message about goodness and how they involved the kids last year that she felt the campers needed to experience them again. So, a few weeks later I am with MJ and company in a van driving an hour and a half north towards the mountains in upstate New York. Although this time, there is a bit of a twist to the program. A recent project, called Smart Trax, has become a major focus of David’s. Through his Talent Showcase, featured by Manhattan Model Search, David has brought in an interesting mix of artists to become part of this project along with Manny and Joy. Prior to

this event, the Jersey City/Newport area (across from Ground Zero in downtown Manhattan) hosted two performances in which Manny and Joy performed in conjunction with other Smart Trax artists, and it was our pleasure to bring a few Smart Trax artists to Camp Haze. People like Ariel Valle and her friend Deserae, and Mindy Paddock all were able to touch the children through positive messages.Late afternoon on Tuesday, August 19th of this year, we arrived at Camp Haze to confirm our scheduled performance time of 7:30 that evening. Since it was almost six o’clock we were just going to hang out at the camp and practice for later that evening. Instead, Chuck Hazelcorn directed us to our hotel, at which they had reserved rooms for us at their expense, so we could check in and drop off our luggage.

© 2003 Daniel Drabik/Smart Trax™
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