Musial on stage in Las Vegasas the Music Showcase Host for a Manhattan Model Search event

Brady Cudmore is a very unique, dynamic Singer/Song Writer Keyboardist/Guitarist/Drumer/Dancer & Actor from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, Canada. (P.E.I.) Brady joined the One Wordl team in October 2007 and already has over 45 songs recorded, 5 music videos, several press features, live performances in the NYC area, California, Niagara Falls, Disney & even in the Pentagon. Currently he is starring in an Off-BROADWAY Musical called "Honestly Abe". His name has re4ceuved the greatb honr by the United States Government to be now officially registered as simply "BRADY®'". his fisth studio album. Keep an "eye" on this "star-on-the-rise!"

Main Website BradySongs.com

Shows  BradyLive.com

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N'Kengie is an "Opera Chic Turned Pop!" She studied at the Juilliard School of music and has performed around the world from Carnegie Hall and beyond. She is a starred in the Broadway Show Motown. N'Kenge has recorded "I Want It Again" by bill Lewis with Brady Cudmore. She also recorded "The Promissed Land" on the original Cast album by Honestly Abe, Both produced by David Musial. Much more info is available at her site...


Manny & Joy Medina (a.k.a. Medina) have enjoyed phenomenal success from the Skate Dance Visitation I venture. "Go With The Flo", their 2nd Solo CD has aired on over 20 radio stations already. MJ have had over 250,000 people in concert, they have been on a multitude of live TV and Radio shows, they have performed for D.A.R.E. America, one song won first place in '40 for A Partnership For A Drug Free America,they have starred in productions of Broadway Shows. Medina have also starred as cartoon characters have toured with "Manhattan Model Search" as well as with Skate Dance Records. MJ have enjoyed over 250 live NYC Music TV shows! Medina will have a song on Skate Dance Visitation II. Check out theMedina's site!


Photo © Cerrone

Angelo Cerrone recorded a contemporary Christian album and has been invited to sing at an immeasurable amount of weddings in the NYC area. He even had the incredible honor to sing Frank Sinatra's most famous song "My Way" at Frank Sinatra's public memorial service which was broadcast live worldwide on Television. Angelo was also invited to appear on "Good Morning America"!


Welcome to "Wacky Chef" ! Hi, I am known to millions as the Wellness Chef Jim. Let the truth be known I am a little "off-beat", so here you will see Wellness meets Wacky… Laugh, Learn and Live Well. By the way, you can also listen to and purchase my music at WackyChef.com

Enjoy better health, Laugh & Learn with my musical energy!


Photo by Ryan Cudmore 2013

Timmy Cudmore A.K.A. "The King Fish Man" is a hilarious singer/songwriter and musician from Prince Edward Island, Canada. He plays electric guitar, bass and selects awesome drum loops. His first album is a slapstick comedy about his passion for TROUT FISHING! It is produced by David Musial in NYC where he ads a multitude of keyboard instruments. Carol Lester sings silly yet beautiful back ups and Joey Arminio plays a mean, awesome Sax on many of the tracks. An EP is available on CD Babay and iTunes now and the full album release will be in Canada on April 15, 2014, opening day of Trout Season, of course!


Photo © Carol Lester

Carol Lester is a unique singser/songwriter/musician who writes in a variety of styles from Rock, to Country to Lulabys. David Musial is produced her new Lulaby Album Volume 2 and is curently producing the "Bubble Queen- Bubble Party Music" album. Carol is also a back up singer on the King Fish Man Album!


Photo © Ansanelli

Roger Ansanelli has begun to record his solo album but also has entered the world of motion pictures and TV. Roger recently starred in a film shot in Philadelphia and has appeared several times on the famous TV show, Saturday Night Live! He has also appeared in a movie with Bette Midler. Roger is an official "Sound Healer' with an office in Hoboken and he performs his ministry all over the NYC area.


Coming Soon!
Photo by Musial 2005

Ashley Avis is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress, TV Producer & Director. She won the unique title of "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" when she was 16 years old. Shortly after when David Musial was the Director of the Music Divisionof the Manhattan Model Search company, he was introduced to Miss Avis. Musial's company Smart Trax Meddia and Skate Dance Records, offered Ashley her first recording contracts. Musial produced several songs and music videos including "Spread Peace All Over The World", "I Have A Real Dream" and "Let's Get Wild and Skate For A While". SmartTraxMedia.com SkateDanceRecords.com

2015 Bio. Ashley has acted in "Miami Vice", "All My Children", "The Guiding Light", "South Beach" and many more. Visit her profile on IMDb


Danilo Ignacio has been on the One World Artists team since June 1999. He has worked with: L.L. Cool J, Mariah Carey, Boys to Men, Al b. Sure, K.C. Flith, NiNa Cherry, Salt N Pepa, Finess & Synquis, Eric B & Rakim, KRS1, Back Street Boys, MC Hammer, Rob Base, Queen Latifah, Keith Swaet, Public Enemy, Heavy D & the Boys, and The DisMaster. Danilo has toured America with One World Artists entertainers., the dynamic Latino act "MJ Medina". Some of their shows were in stadiums with 10,000 to 16,000. He was also a guest on their NYC TV Show. Danilo has also worked with a variety of Smart Trax Artists and has worked with the Canadian stage and pop star BRADY®.


Photo © Biddy Valdez

Biddy "Q" Valdez has become an amazing HipHop-R&B producer. He assisted Dr. D in producing a track on the Emmy Award Winning "Take A Stand" CD from MTV! Q also helped with the song "We, Are, Drug, Free!" featuring "Medina" and it has been performed for over 250,000 people already and the video airs on a music video station in NYC. It has also been aired on a multitude of TV news shows. Biddy "Q" toured with the Manhattan Model Search as the main event DJ! Biddy Q co-produced a Hiphop Track with Dr. D for the White, Italian 17 year old Rapper named "AJE" and he won first place Live at the world famous "APOLLO" in Harlem, NYC!


Photo © Santiago
Santiago Douglas Recording Artist and Actor SANTIAGO DOUGLAS boxed his way into the national spotlight as the street-wise "Adrian" in the critically acclaimed Sony Pictures feature film GIRLFIGHT. Sharing the coveted Grand Jury Prize at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival, GIRLFIGHT would launch his career. SANTIAGO has graced the pages of Jane magazine, INStyle magazine, Latina, New York magazine, Interview, Paper, and Caras of Puerto Rico. He has worked with  Medina on their new album and has also performed with them in the NYC area. Check out Santiago's site!.
Photo by Musial
Photo © KAYO SFA

Kevin "KAYO" Orsino was discovered by Prof. David Musial . KAYO joined the Smart Trax team in the late Sprinhg of 2005 after he won FIRST PLACE for best song for A Partnership For A Drug Free America. Smart Trax Media, LLC presented KAYO his first official commercial recording contract. Musial produced videos for his amazing songs "MARCH and 'I'M DIFFERENT". He is also in the videos produced by Musial- "SPREAD PEACE ALL OVER THE WORLD" and "I HAVE A REAL DREAM". All can be aquired soon at SmartTraxMedia.com!

2015 News... Kayo (@KayoSFA) releases new track title "Confetti"...but who is Kayo? Kevin "KAYO" Orsino is of Italian and Irish heritage and born in Toms River, New Jersey. By the time he turned 15 he recorded his first song. He credits much of his influences through the works of 50 Cent, T-Pain, Eminem, Nelly and Fabulous to name a few. With so much passion and love to his craft, he pursued a career in audio engineering and attended Five Towns College in Dix Hills Long Island, New York. Its while in college he met producer Vincent “Trizzy” Petrizzo. In 2006 Kayo and Trizzy made the first EP “The Unexpected Prestige” where he had been compared to Eminem because of his lyrical flow.After college Trizzy moved to Los Angeles and Kayo continued to perfect his craft and opened a recording studio, and by 2010, Kayo wrote and produced a Jersey Shore Anthem and was on every local radio station at the Jersey Shore, as well as performed in various clubs in the area. He later created his 2nd mixtape “Karma Sutra” which received recognition in Atlanta where Kayo performed his single “She’s Burning Up” from his mixtape in the company of Bone Crusher and the Eastside Boys.Beginning to become a big presence in the Rap World, Kayo stayed independent and moved to Orlando, Florida where he finished his album “Financial Affairs.” Kayo has become a strong figure in the industry and has started working with artists from Cash Money Records. Hard work and dedication are just a few of the words that Kayo lives by everyday and with that Kayo is an artist that is rising and a force to be reckoned with numerous chart topping hits to follow.

Londell Wilson is a dynamic R&B singer from the NYC/Jersey City area. He has performed in NYC, Jersey City in in Washington D.C. Produced by David Musial, he started his career with Smart Trax Media. currently he is creating a full album.


Photo © Rebecca

Jennie Rebecca is a facinating singer/song writer. Musial has produced several songs for Jennie. She is currently based in L.A. and is constantly crafting new masterpieces. Her style is an eclectic mix in the pop-rock genre that will inspire and motivate the most inquisitive minds!


LaShawn Small & Brigitte Valentin joined the Smart Trax™ team in the summer of 2005. They sing a duet about growing up in a "single" parent household called "You Never Know". Shawn has alreay won 2 awards at the world famous "Apollo" tehatre in Harlem. He won SECOND PLACE as well as FIRST PLACE! They are both also featured in the song/video called "Food Sense" whic was co-written witth Musial by Jim Rebholtz, a chef from an ABC TV show, and they sing "Skate The Olympics" and also perform in Spread Peace!
Chelsy Bishop is from Ohio and sogned with One World Artists Skate Dance Records and Smart Trax Live Divisions in 2003. She was discovered by One World Artists by the October 2002 Manhattan Model Search in Buffalo, NY. Chelsy will be recording in June & featured on the Skate Dance Visitation II CD as well as Smart Trax Live. Watch for this talented rising star as her career takes off!

Photo © Baker
Lil Ben  Recorded CD and video, "In-Line Boy" was discovered by One World Artists at the September 7, 2002 Manhattan Model Search, Chicago, IL. He has recently performed at Great Lakes Storm Continental Professional Basketball Team, Birch Run, MI as  Half-Time Entertainment. He was the Opening Act for 2 sold out shows at the Fox Theater, B2K/Mario/IMX Concert in Detroit, MI. Lil Ben has also had many gigs in school plays, concerts and local commercials. Stay tuned and listen for his Hot Hot Hip Hop song currently in production.
Juiliano DeRossi has traveled to approximately 25 countries sine he recorded Skate Dance and has ventured into the world or professional modeling and acting. He has appeared on many TV commercials and is currently the "Nokia" cell phone poster person! Juiliano is from Rio DeJaniero and has been a political spokesperson in Brazil and has even marched in the world famous "Carnival". is working on a solo album between London and NYC.
Melinda Paddock has just signed with One World Artists Skate Dance Records and Smart Trax Live Divisions Watch out for not one but three new hits from Melinda.

Photo © Farnam
Henry Farnam  It was while he was in New York that Henry got the recording bug. At a party in New York, he was telling someone how much he had always wanted to be a recording artist and to do concerts. This conversation was overheard by the Emmy Award winning producer and songwriter David Musial. Working with David, I was finally able to create music that had, up to that point, been only in my head." Several songs from those recording sessions are on Henry's upcoming Rock/Pop album. 
Bryan Hearne...Bryan's credits include a featured roll in the movie Hardball with Keanu Reeves and a lead roll on Nicolodean TV. On Smart Trax Live he sings He Took A Gun to school today. "This young man is destined for fame!"

Chris Hatcher is the newest Smart Trax/Skate Dance artists. His specialty is dance rap. His song "Speed Skater" is about his passion to be one someday! In addition to interests in performing, Chris is a professional model. He has modelled for Abercrombie & Fitch, DOLCE&GABBANA, A Partnership For A Drug Free America and musch more

Megi Caushi is simply amazing! At just 10 she was discovered by Musial at a Manhattan Model Searchmusic showcase in Chicago. At 11 she has been signed to the Smart Trax/Skate Dance project and her vocals will simply just "blow you away"! Celine, Cristina, Mariah, Barbra, Beth, Alicia & Whitney... WATCH OUT for MEGI!
Jeremiah Seth is an award-winning singer-songwriter and actor from Atlanta, Georgia. He recently signed on to the family of artists working with SmartTrax and Skatedance Records. Jeremiah has performed  several genres of music including pop, contemporary gospel, and Broadway. He is also an actor and is currently working on his first film. He sings with a twelve part a cappella group from Atlanta that has performed for “Good Morning Atlanta”, the Atlanta Falcons Professional Football team, and the Atlanta Braves Professional Baseball team. The Atlanta Journal and Constitution calls him “The Voice of the New Millennium.” So look out USA as this rising star takes off.
Francesca Mazza the 1998 Miss Teen Syracuse has just signed with One World Artists Skate Dance Records and Smart Trax Live Divisions. Francesca has been featured in TV and newspaper ads for Hair Etc. and was in Short and Sassy magazine. Her stage accompishments include: Annie/ Annie, Annie/ Tess, Tom Sawyer/ Aunt Polly, a Charity Fashion Show, All County Band, All County Chorus, NYSMA- percussion and many Dance recitals.  She is also an expert skater. Watch out for not one but three new hits from Francesca.
Katya & Masha Nobakova - Spread Peace All Over The World isn't just the song title to Katya & Masha. The twins born in Russia and now living in Denver are the newest addition to Skate Dance Records and Smart Trax Live. 
Darlene Edwards continues to perform incredible R&B and Gospel shows. She recently performed a full concert with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra! Her solo album is also in the works!
Samuel Picazo from Shafter California has joined the Skatedance Visitation II and Smart Trax Live teams. Samuel was discovered at the Manhattan Model Search Talent Search 2003 in San Diego. He has won performance competitions and is currently attending Hip Hop choreography classes. Samuel will be working on his new songs at Skyroom Studio this summer.
Terrain "EXCEL" Filmore has decided to focus on HipHop and is currently developing his demo with Dr. D, Biddy "Q" and Octavious. Terrain is an awesome dancer and has appeared in numerous Medina concerts for apx 50,000 people. In May 2002, he premiered his track "Streets" (about gang violence" at the Smart-T-Jamboree for approx 11,000 people! Go Excel!
Asim Robinson is performing his HipHop magic in the New York City area. He has also ventured into the recording engineering and producing field.
Deanna Nicolosi's song "Just Once" produced by David "Dr. D" Musial was aired on the radio in New York City and she was interviewed as well. The audience loved it! Deanna was offered an R&B music management opportunity and is developing her career in that direction.
David Musial
David Musial is an award winning, platinum status, entrepreneurial multimedia producer/composer/educator. He is the CEO of "The One World Artists Group" and David is also a musical performer and multiple cartoon character! One World maintains "SkyRoom Studios", Smart Trax™ Skate Dance™ Records and OneWam Music Publishing. Musial was the President of the music division of the Manhattan Model Search organization, and co-owner of "Model Hits Records". David's work has touched over 11 million CD's, (3 at platinum status, 7 gold), over 100 individual albums, (5 solo albums). David composed and produced the theme to the sound track for MTV's amazing "Fight For Your Rights: "Take A Stand Against Violence" campaign which won an Emmy Award in 1999 and a "Silver Cindy" Award for the cinematography industry in 2001. Musial was inducted into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame in 2014. Musial was the Director of the Music & Technology Department at Stevens Institute of Technology, and took a hiatus when the program won #2 in the nation in 2012, to develop his NextGen Stars® project.

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