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Photo ©2011 by Lindsey Altongy, Graphics by Noriel Valdez


The Artists

The Anthem by David Musial
Composed on 9/11/01 BEFORE the second Tower collapsed
Inducted into the 9/11 National Registry with a letter from the White House

1-Brave New American Heroes 4:43 (MJ Medina, Terrain Filmore & Biddy Valdez)

2-Eleven Years Taller 4:04(Jason Prentice)
3-Come Home America 6:08 (Marcus Goldhaber)
4-Ocean Avenue 2:12 (Brady Cudmore feat SpeckTrum)
5-Long Road Away 2:50 (Tamara Boodaghians)
6-They Died For Our Freedom 2:42 (Seth Corporan)
7-Sentinel 3:36 (Alexander Sydoriak)
8-Through Dying Eyes 4:07(John Baldasanno)
9-Bedecked With Jewels 2:56 (Michael Manning)
10-Humanity 3:00 (SpeckTrum)
11-This Is America 4:04 (Jolly Roger)
12-Thank You 4:22 (Perception)

Executive Producer: Prof. David Musial, Co-Producer: Noriel Valdes, Inspired by David Webb & Cynthia Artin

ALL ROYALTIES from this Album will be donated to the charity

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