Updated 6/5/17

Much is in development:The Smart Trax® Institute of Technology running the MusicTech Kids™ program,
which is generating on-going NextGen Stars TV Shows for all of the ARTISTS in the amazing venture!
For great details, check out


David Musial


U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration
Across form the Pentagon

Prof. Musial inducted into the

Prof. Musial designs Award Winning Curriculum

EMMY & Silver Cindy Award

Skate Dance III is in production.
Smart Trax Live Show, Inc (501)(c)(3) is formed (5/09)
Smart Trax Earns a
Positive Messages Through Music



New Shows in-the-works

Brave New American Heroes 9/11 Tribute
is featured on the cover of the News

Smart Trax Live Show Performes in
Super Bowl
Smart Trax Artists wins the lead role in a
Doritos TV Commercial contest

Project Eleven
• National Parade
• Summer 2012 Tour
• Album Launch Concert

9/11/12 Hoboken "Pier A"
Overlooking the World Trade Cente
Honestly Abe
Cast Album On Smart Trax Media Summer 2012

ABC TV in California

Smart Trax Live
In Washington

David Musial
Founding Director of the
Successful Music & Technology Department at
Stevens Institute Of Technology

(One of his students who he recruited and advised for 3 years,
including his senior thesis, already earnned an
engineering credit on a
#1 Record on the Billboard Charts!)

Cover of Hoboken Progress

Feature in the
River View Observer

Be G.R.E.A.T!
U.S. Dept of Justice & Marshall's


USA National Anthem

"Ripped Jeans" Premiere

Debut at Carniegie Hall

(Friend of Musial)

Cover Story
Observer News

More Smart Trax News...

One World Artists sponsors
for his O1-B Performance VISA!
Brady Stars in free shows in America for Smart Trax


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Song

Smart Trax Artists performed at the annual
National Adult Leaders Conference in Reno,
Nevada on 5/20/06 for the,

and they also participateed in the annual International Picnic in New York City in July 2006.

For details visit....

Musial has directed a variety of susccessful events for in 2006 and 2006. The label was featured in the "Hudson Current" and the "Star Ledger". the album was mastered at and is distributed nationally by Nile Rodgers at via Carlos Alomar.

David Stellmach's song "Spring Lake", is currently available in 40 countries around the world and is aired on CD 101.9 FM, the # 1 smooth jazz station in America. (produced by Musial in the mid 90's and also on the contemporary jazz project in the "00's"). For more info heck out

Musial created the soundtrack for a cartoon in the Spring of 2005 for with Luciano DiGeronimo, who is an animator who has worked for Disney, Saturday Night Live and many others. It aired on a national network in 2005.

Check back often for updates.

The past year, Musial finished the videos for the songs "Streets Keep Calling', "Humanity", "Food Sense". "You Never Know", "March", "I'm Different", "Don't Go Away" "Life's A Rush" &  "Spread Peace" "Reed Wright" as well as "Hey, Ya Dropped Something"!

You can check them out soon at


Smart Trax® Live
is enjoying academic entertainment success!

Smart Trax

Manny Medina gets a
perfect 10 on MTV! ...

Ashley Avis, an artist for the Smart Trax, has completed her recordings and video shoots!  We welcome Ashley to our team and expect that she will continue to be successful as the project evolves.  She now lives in Hollywood.

Ashley is a song writer, singer, pianist, actress, dancer and model. She recently earned the unique title "Miss Teen Model Of The Universe" and also appeared on the soap opera "Guiding Light".  David Musial &
Steve Clark (a multi-platinum record producer from Europe), recently produced a special pop song for Ashley titled "Winner"!  You may find downloads available at in the near future.  Ashley finished recording her parts for the song "Spread Peace'" on 12/31/04
in the NYC area.  This past summer she recorded a song for Skate Dance
II called "Let's Get Wild, and Blade for a while."  Ashley also appeared on some FOX TV shows this past summer.  She hopes to attend college next year in Manhattan.  Ashley is managed by the Lions Group Agency in NYC.  Ashley's personal site is simply

Brady Cudmore, Londell Wilson and Abby Rivera
have joined the Smart Trax Team!

ON 10/16/04, MJ Medina perform Smart Trax™ Songs for the Mayor Of Jersey City at a special fund raising event for the largest number of US Milatary from Hudson county to go to Iraq (or any awhere since the World Wars!)

MJ Medina were invited to do a show for the CIVIL AIR PATROL

Megi Caushi has enjoyed some radio success in Chicago by singing live on one of the hottest stations in the city!  Go Megi!!!

The Medina's performed for the Air Force Cadets in December and as of 12/15/04, the "Go With The Flo" song, from their second album is on 20 radio stations across the US!  Go MJ Medina

Billy Atwell, a co-producer of "Everything's A Blur' and also guitarist on "Life's A Rush" as well as in "Don't Go Away", was recently featured on the cover of the "Hudson Current" newspaper which serves the art community for all of Hudson County, across the river from Manhattan. Congrads to Billy.  Check out his site


a Multicultural EXPLOSION is in the works!  R U Ready?

MJ Medina took
1st Place
at a
sponsored event for
A Partnership for a Drug Free America
for the Smart Trax song...
We, Are, Drug, Free!
February, 2004

...and then were honored to perform live at the
National Conference
in NYC on April 23, as the featured song for 2004!
See the video here


associated with

(Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
have invited Smart Trax performers
to be part of thier events commencing
on April 6th,
in Chicago.
Clear Channel Communications (KISS FM) and
Miss Teen America
may be involved with some of the events!

We are currently looking foward to
possibly a 10 city tour for next season.

Daniel Drabik,
dynamic author of the exciting book about the making of Skate Dance & Smart Trax,
receives a scholarship to The New School in NYC
& a scholarship to Canisius College in Buffalo, for writing.
he also was accepted to
Go Daniel!

We are now working with a variety of new artists discovered through the
Manhattan Model Search Showcase.

The fianl Smart Trax Artists have completed recording their songs for the amazingh album....
Megi & Chris,
The project is in final mix and video edit mode!


Jennie Rebecca just completed a 5 song project produced by Musial
Jennie is an amazing singer/song writer, check out here site!

Television Network

Praises MJ Medina's work
with Smart Trax!


Musial gave a Masters' class at
New York University
and spoke about Smart Trax & Skate Dance

Musial & Manny Medina were guest speakers at at Master's Class at
Rutgers University
(Same Topic)


MJ Medina sang
at Newport by the Holland Tunnel at the 9/11 Memorial
and for the mayor of Jersey City at Exchange Place

Manny Medina
is accepted to
Five Towns College
in Long Island, near Manhatan,
for the prestigious
Musical Theatre Program


MJ Medina are featured in the "River View Observer"
for their Skate Dance/Smart Trax success
(Distributed on the "goald coast" from the Statue of Liberty to the
George Washington Bridge)

Go MJ!!!


MJ Medina make a song for
"Reality Check"

the program sponsored by the New York City
Board Of Health! Go MJ!!!


MJ Medina & Company perform at the
State Puerto Rican Parade in Newark, New Jersey

Smart Trax Live in Newport
8/17/03 see below!

Smart Trax LIVE
for Children who lost loved ones on 9/11
August, 2003
(An incredible story by 16 year old author, Daniel Drabik!)




In April 2003, several artists,
discovered through the
"Manhattan Model Search"
Music Talent Showcase,
have begun an exciting pop music career
venture in New York City
under the direction or production "guru"... 
"Dr. D".
This is what's up...

A new artist
"music star search
and Skate Dance™/Smart Trax™
album tour is in HEAVY production!

Skate Dance II Welcomes ...


Music Video News...

 Spread Peace All Over The World
(A remix of the 1995 hit used by the
United Nations for the 50th Anniversary)
filmed with One Worled Artists at the United Nations, Rockefellor Center,
Central Park, on a Hudson River Ferry and in Newport in front of the
#1 radio station in the WORLD, as well as in Chicago & Las Vegas!)

He Took A Gun
(to school, such a fool!)
Featuring Bryan Hearneand the Smart Trax Camp
was filmed in Newport & Bayonne, NJ near the Statue of Liberty

Blade On The Beach
Featuring Chelsy was filmed all over America...
Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, NYC, Jersey Shore, San Diego, Santa Monica more...

Blade With The Wind
Featuring Jeremiah Seth was filmed in Newport

Blade To The Beat
Featuring Francesca Mazza
filmed with Manny & Joy Medina & Danilo Sobers

It was shot in Central Park & Rockerfellor Center as well as in Newport

I'd Rather Blade
Featuring Delino was filmed in Las Vegas

Life's A Rush
Featuring Francesca Mazza

filmed with Manny & Joy Medina
& Danilo Sobers
Shot all over New York City!

Double Skate Date
Featuring the Nobakovas was filmed in Newport & NYC

Urban Blade Dawg
Featuring Buddy burgess was filmed in NYC

In Line Boy
Featuring Lil Ben was filmed in NYC & Chicago.

More details to come on the other videos!

30,000 kids on one tour alone are now doing the "Skate Dance", over 250,000 people to date!
Medina's have decided to be the first artists from the new album to begin the tour.
The Skate Dance comic strip is in production, and a cartoon series is being "pitched" as well as a video game!!!!


Medina's live TV show in New York City

is on break as they develop a brand new variety show!

Skate Dance Artists perform for
Children who lost a relative on
September 11.

Some Skate Dance Concert reviews
MJ Medina performed "Skate Dance" for
12,000 kids at the SMART-T Jam!