Fredonia grad composes theme song for Marines

POSTED: November 27, 2009, Dunkirk-Fredonia, NY

This fall, Fredonia State graduate Prof. David Musial was invited to compose a theme song for an award-winning campaign designed by three Young Marine high school students in Red Bluff, Calif. Inspector General Joe Bless of the Young Marines invited Musial to compose a theme song, "IMPACT" which was premiered on Oct. 21 when Brady Cudmore, a Smart Trax Star, gave a world premiere at the Red Bluff High School to several hundred screaming new fans. ABC TV and local radio and news covered the event.

The song focuses on substance abuse reduction of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
On October 23rd Musial proceeded to produce a show for this song in the Hall Of Heroes at the Pentagon as these teens received the "Fulcrum Shield" award at the beginning of the Red Ribbon Week. Brady Cudmore "Rocked The House" with a dynamic live performance.

The video of the Oct. 21 concert can be found at Song Credits include: Composed, produced & instruments by Prof. David Musial (lyrics and chorus melody) (Jersey City, NJ) with Brady Cudmore (Verse Melodies) (Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada & Jersey City, NJ-Performance VISA); Lead vocals: Brady Cudmore; and back up lead vocal; Manny Medina (Union City & Hoboken, NJ) Joy Medina (Bayonne & Hoboken, NJ) Kevin "KAYO" Orsino (Toms River, NJ) Christina Kay (Nutley, NJ) Londell Wilson (Jersey City, NJ).

David Musial is an entrepreneurial multimedia producer and educator. David brings over 30 years of a wide variety of experience in the multimedia industry from composition and performance, to engineering and mastering, photography, graphics, web design and video directing; including publishing, promotion and artist management. Musial has worked in a variety of capacities on over 100 records, 10 different animated series, and a variety of radio shows, TV shows and films.

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Fredonia State grad David Musial recently produced a music show for the Young Marines in the Pentagon.

David has received awards, scholarships, grants and endorsements, most recently a letter from the First Lady in the White House related to a music video creation for a charity. Musial has produced shows for music he has composed all over America from Disney to the Pentagon.

He studied Electronic Music at the State University of New York at Buffalo and earned the prestigious "Tonemeister" B.A.S.S. degree in Music Technology & Film at SUNY Fredonia.

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