Interview with Brady Cudmore
Some scene samples from the April 13, 2014 show introducing Brady Cudmore as Abraham Lincoln

Finale Scenes

Opening Scenes

Spelling Song Scene
Intro to Lincoln's Soliliquy Scenes

Wedding Dance Scene

Intro to Driftin' Scene

Mother Nature Scene (on a pedestal)

I'll Never Leave You Scene sample

Mike Fink song to Arm Wrestling Scene

Partners In Crime to the Wedding Prank Scene

If I Could Only Dance Like That!

King of The Lick Scene

When The Moon Is Blue


Scenes and interviews from 2012

Behind-The-Scenes Part 2 of "The Making of Honestly Abe"
Professor David Musial,
Executive Producer of the Soundtrack Album
talks about the process

Ben Maters, Heather Washburn, Joel Mingo & Mary Lauren
"Mother Nature". Brady Cudmore "Will You Marry Me"
Mary Lauren & Ben Maters in "Everything Is Beautiful"

Comentaries by the Team at The PRODUCERS CLUB, NYC
after the CD Release Show 10/27/12

The Making of the Original cast Album CD Release Show
in Times Square, NYC-Part A
at Premier Media NYC from Angelko Mar on Vimeo.

Brady Cudmore 2012 Scenes
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The "Making of the Original Cast album CD Release Show" video by Angelko Mar