By Sally Cole

The Grade 12 Bluefield High School student has just signed three contracts with officials in the U.S. entertainment industry. “This is bigger than I ever imagined. I’m really, really excited,” says Brady, noting that the ink is dry on deals with Smart Trax, Skate Dance and with David Musial, a New York City record producer who will manage him.

This month he plans to fly to the Big Apple to finish recording the music video for his song, Dream It, with Musial. Then on Jan. 21, he has been invited to perform the Martin Luther King anthem, I Have A Real Dream, with nine other Smart Trax artists at the New Hampshire Cultural Diversity Council. Approximately 1,000 people will attend.

In June after graduation, he plans to move to nearby Jersey City to finish recording his first CD, which is due out in September. Brady is also planning to study musical theatre at New Jersey State University.

It’s a heady itinerary for the teenager from Hampshire, P.E.I. “In spite of the excitement, my marks have stayed pretty well the same,” says the honours student.

Brady’s exhilaration began last September at the Audio Engineering (AES) music and technology convention in New York where he had a by-chance audition with Musial. The New York producer was so impressed with what he heard that he came to P.E.I. to record Brady in November.
One thing led to another and another.

“We are working on my website. It should be up and running shortly,” he says.

In New York City, Musial is positive about the Islander’s future.
“I will open doors for him but it’s up to Brady now to dream it,” says Musial, who is the CEO of One World Artists,

a company that creates Smart Trax — contemporary music videos and audio tracks for young people containing positive messages about non-violence, self-confidence and being drug- and alcohol-free.