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6/5/09 Jersey City "G.R.E.A.T" show (Brainychick)
Brady you rock!!!!
You came to my school today and I think your performance was amazing!
I really wanted a poster but didn't get one I think you are awsome. In you I see great potential and
when I grow up I want to be just like you.
You rock my world.
I hope you do become a star and acheive your dream!


From YouTube..


I think it's obvious that people will be making babies to Brady's_ music for years to come! Booyah!


  • colombiangirl10
    He went to our school and all the chorus members got a chance to sing and dance with him he_ is sooo hot!!!!!!

  • I saw him personally_ today!!!!!


BrandonandMeaghan My goodness, why are you so amazing?

whitneybelker1 Good job Brady!

music429 What the heck! Brady! You didn't call me to tell me about this?! This is HUGE! I love you! I'm so proud of you!

Meta4kly Block Awesome opportunity Brady! Nicely done! You make Canada (uh, America) proud..he-he!

BEYONCE Medley. "wow, u keep me singing all the time! ur a big inspiration to me. (5nono18-Youtube)

IMAGINE (John Lennon) Brady you are the cherry on top my friend!! Your like Haley's comet, something like yopu only comes around every so often. you are an inspiration. Ian Hanomansing (maybe form CBC TV?)

YouTube Comments about Brady's BEYONCE Medley


You made_ me like a lot of those songs that I didn't. Sweet job!

Lunaqua13 (13 minutes ago) Show Hide

OH WOW!!! Dude seriously start a singing carrier your_ really good!!!
beyoncerockmysocks1 (14 minutes ago) Show Hide

yo you are soooo hawt, we gotta send this to everyone lol, I_ have so much fun watching this. lol ;) Loves ya boi...

Fyraptor (19 minutes ago) Show Hide

thats_ awsome!!!!!!
wemilyb (47 minutes ago) Show Hide

hahahaha this is realy_ good :)

Loved it!

you guys r talented. good harmony! it sound lk one song if i didnt no beyonce u guys would've fooled me!

good work guys!

you are both extreemmeelly talented! and really cute too. I loved what you did with the songs and i love your voice! keep it uppp!

ohhh my!!!!! you are really talented!! props to you man!! ps: super cute too!!:D

dude, this is nuts, you rock bro.

ahhhhhhhhhhh I knew it YOU ARE_ CANADIAN WOOT WOOT, I grew up in Toronto GREATEST CITY IN THE WORLD you're a beautiful person keep on doing what you're doing.

You came to my_ school( Jersey City) with a dog and played a beautiful song!! awesome!! :D

I just heard about this video in a comment from another video and i have to say: respect! real nice_ medley song even if the originals are from beyonce you brought it in a real nice way
(sry for my mistakes i´m from germany and it´s 3:28 in the morning ;) )


@BradyCudmore now my friend is telling her friends you_ will be big in no time
date mee
i luv u
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

This video is awesome :)

HurricaneStaceyy 0
Great_ Job :)

You are_ AMAZING!!! Keep up the great work!

who is your sexy friend?!_ ;)

hey, are you_ that kid on the wonder years?

you_ should get famous.


he went to my school today and sang that song,stick together and another one but i forgot the name...i_ could'nt get his autograph though bc there was to much girls

not bad u_ guys matched the acoustic amazingly!!


Ohh and you both are very_ cute.

Your voice gave me goosebumps._ You're amazing. =)

haha cfbwaysinger_

Wow, man. You have an amazing voice! I think you have a_ bright future in front of you. Keep up the good work!!
you_ have a lovely voice.

this is the girl from crumbs, you sound AMAZING!! come by the store to give me more details on this show! good_ luck!!

you are looking so grown up_ and cute brady!! (lynn)

WOW! Brady yur_ rele good, mr.cassidy told our automotive class about how yu got noticed(Y) o btw i say this on jenna mcdonalds wall and decided to check it out and it was rele good man :) liked it

That was so awesome! I loved_ it Brady. :)

ok_ u r so amazing :D

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TheMickswagga (1 month ago) Show Hide

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Everyone who likes Middle Eastern beats should check out Jimi productionz song called Ohh. Its a Scott_ Storch type beat
you're amazing_ brady..
i miss you X 123754893738745
:) see you sooon ;)

You guys are so amazing thanks for all of_ your support :) Y'all are the inspiring ones and Danielle I am doing great thanks for asking :) I hope y'all enjoyed and I hope that you'll share this with friends :)

Keep with it_ lol. BC is fresh to death.

Brady! I absolutely love this. LIke so much. I am sp_ proud of you and hope you're doing well!

Hey Brady itss Ali oh and ill be shuree_ for everyone too se hahah! you luk greatt! keep it upp<3


This is great Brady. You put STYLE into it. You should do more videos on your own!
7/6/09 "DOM"
Lol..Brady came to my school today and omg..he's the cutest thing ever=]..Brady you have talent and when you make it big in the music business just remember the small middle school in Jersey City that you helped out with Animal Abuse Prevention. Jersey City rules and so does Brady Cudmore!!!
--Dom xoxoxo

7/5/09 (Ali<3)
"" Awesomeeee bradyyy !!! keep itt upp !! you rockkk bradyy Much love,

6/9/09 ryanomac
I think it's obvious that people will be making babies to Brady's music for years to come! Booyah!
6/18/09 afinogenofan at Queen of Heaven School, West Seneca, NY
i go to this school haha hes sick! yeah...

6/6/09 "Fan-Made Website#1" (Ali)

Hey Brady its Ali from MS34 um i got the website up if you wanna check it outt im not quite done with it yett but heres the website www.bradycudmorefansite,

See you soon (:

6/4/09 "Today Is The Day" (TFAMonkey)

heyy brady its lynsey davids cousin. this is an awesome beautiful song!! ill tell ll of my friends about u!!

5/23/09 "Reflection" (WalkerMacD)

Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore at Grove Street near the Statue of Liberty!
nice man, u in the festival?

5/19/09 "Reflection" (ronneron)

Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore "Reflection" Premiere in New York City-Live!

5/6/09 "AM Buffalo Interview" (MaggieJameson)

Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore on AM Buffalo-ABC TV
sooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooood

4/30/09 (babyblue)

Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore Singing the American National Anthem at St. John Vianney School, Orchard Park, NY
you are amazing =] well done


2/18/09 (Dorimir)

Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore-Let's Stick Together LIVE at HCCC
Nice song. Cute kid too!


Comment on your video: Brady Cudmore... behind the scenes at ABC TV
I watched that show.You were good.

2/12/09 (RacRollin)

Comment on your video: Smart Trax Live Acting Bloopers
great bloopers

1/25/09 (guitarhero)

Comment on your video: Dream It (Live In America - Premiere) 4/30/08
Brady you f*#%in ROCK