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Permission Granted by Dr. Charles Epps
Jersey City Board of Education

LIVE BROADCAST @ Liberty State Park

News 12 New Jersey On-Air Footage

Video of a Live Broadcast
by News 12 New Jersey

on the day the Crown of the Statue was openedstarring Brady Cudmore from Canada

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The Story...

In 2007, Ricardo Kaulessar, a reporter from the Jersey City Reporter, published an article about a song that was composed in 1947 about Jersey City. He asked if anyone else had an idea about a new song related to Jersey City?

Prof. David Musial was recently at a church service in Buffalo, NY where every single person in the congregation was pure white in a Caucasian Irish community. He knew something was odd, but did not absorb the gathering... yet. In the middle of the service, a white man waked in holding the hand of a little white boy and he held the hand of a black woman with a little black girl. The expression on the faces of the people in the congregation was unexplainable. A few weeks later he was back in Newport/Jersey City where a street fair was being conducted. He grabbed his camera and started taking photos of the hundreds of people who live here represents cultures from, all over the world. It was a beautiful multicultural experience. He thought "Jersey City IS the Melting pot...of America".... and it has the best view of... "The Amazing Lady Liberty"... hence the birth of the song. He submitted it to the paper and a few weeks later received a call from Mr. Kaulessar stating that "your song got the cover" of the paper. Musial responded "What song, I write lots, what paper?" When he learned of the news he panicked because he only wrote lyrics on a knew iPhone and was trying to figure out how to use email on the device, he did not even know if the email was sent. Secondly, there was no music composed yet. The reporter said he needed a photo of him in front of a piano by 4 pm, just a few hours away. OK, Musial left his office at Stevens Institute of Technology and arrived home at 3:45 PM. He started to "bang' out melodies on his piano when his cousin Dan came out of his room and asked, "what's up?".. Musial replied.. "you don't even want to know, just go back to your room." A few minutes later the doorbell rang on the 34th floor of his studio/home in Jersey City and he played the song for Ricardo!

The song had it's premier in Jersey City in September 2007 in Newport at a street festival starring Smart Trax artists Manny & Joy Medina (MJ Medina) and Kevin Orsino with Stevens students Ben Clifford on vocals and guitar, Will Estes on Accordion, Andrew Bentz on Percussion and Scott DiStefano on Trumpet. Musial started to gather video source footage all over Jersey City. In 2008 the amazing recording artistsN'Kenge and Brady Cuudmoreperformed it with the stars of the Jersey City Performance Arts High School; Show Band: "The Reminicents" at the same festival in Newport. In 2009, Dr. Charles Epps, the superintendent of the Jersey City Board of Education approved theMusic Videowhich is a summary of several live performances in Jersey City Schools. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Donnelly & Perry Cecchini who made the introductions. On July 3rd, 2009, TV News 12 New Jersey invited Brady Cudmore to perform the song live at Liberty State Park, in front of the Ellis Island Ferry, with the Statue of Liberty in the background on the day that the Statue of Liberty Crown was re-opened to the public! (See a video related to this above). ). This video is not for sale. (If so, all proceeds will benefit music programs in Jersey City Schools.) More at One World Artists and Smart Trax Media.


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