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Manny Medina on MTV

The amazing TEAM at Smart Trax™ has worked very hard to bring positive messages to your children about being drug free, the dangers about smoking, anti-violence issues including guns in schools, not drinking and driving, teen suicide and self confidence through contemporary music, videos via CD, DVD & MP3's. The performers are a dynamic multicultural group who are role models for teens. Over 250,000 children have experienced a live Smart Trax Show and videos have aired often on NYC TV stations. Newscasters across America have interviewed MJ Medina, the act who started the venture! The creation of the opening song "Take A Stand" was supervised by the U.S. Department of Education and was guided by the National Center For Conflict Resolution Education and earned an Emmy Award for MTV in 1999! A version of the closing song, "Spread Peace All Over The World" was used by the United Nations for the 50TH Anniversary. Organizations like DARE America, A Partnership For A Drug Free America, The United Way, The NYC Department of Health's "Reality Check" program and even MADD/BuzzFreeProm.com have hosted or requested performances as well as a variety of anti-violence rallies. Check out the audio & video examples as well as the endorsements on this site, and purchase QUALITY Music & Videos for your child!

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